What is Greek Interior Style and What Can we Learn From it?

At Ergonomic Draft we are always seeking inspiration for our luxury interior design – and we never feel more inspired than when we travel. Our new blog series will take us around the world to delve into each country’s signature style and what we can learn from their fundamental principles! What is Greek interior style and what can we learn from it?

Greek interior aesthetics perfectly balance opulence and history with natural materials and simplicity. It is timeless and classic and has an overwhelmingly calm effect. If you have an older property that you’re looking to make more rustic and give it soul, Greek interior style may be something you’re interested in!

The Foundations

Let’s start with the basics. Greek interior style uses natural materials to set the scene. Wood panels placed vertically add height and texture to a space. These are often left as natural wood, bleached lighter or painted in whites and creams. Floors are typically also wood and traditional in their styling, though herringbone is being seen more frequently.

A Nod to History

Greek history is rich with its philosophy, architecture and art. Greek interior design should include few but quality décor pieces. You might want to include stone and other natural materials in vases, for example, or, as is increasing in popularity, a bust.

Columns and Marble

Greek interior design also nods to the Parthenon with its use of marble and columns. You may, for example, notice that fireplaces are typically made from marble and have columns rather than your traditional square mantelpiece. 

What can we Learn from Greek Interior Style?

Greek interior style is a perfect example of how following simple fundamentals can be just as effective in interior design as making bold stylistic choices. Vertical panelling gives height to a room, keeping a colour palette full of neutrals has a very calming effect, and incorporating natural materials and plants energises a space.

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