American Interior Design and What we Can Learn from It

American interiors are having a moment and it’s easy to see why. The rustic features combined with farm style accessories create a space that feels welcoming and homely but brings the outside in and makes a good fuss of the great outdoors! Today we’re discussing some fundamentals from American interior design and what we can learn from them.

Open Plan for Family Living

American interior design is known for its wide-open spaces, and their architecture prioritises open-plan kitchen and dining. Not only does this create more space for kitchen classics such as island storage and waterfall countertops, but it is family centred. A long and large dining table is essential for all to enjoy food, under a long feature light, dropped to the perfect height!

Farmhouse Chic

American farmhouse interiors are dominating Instagram and have much to offer the interior world. Similar to Greek interiors, the white panelling and shiplap adds height and texture to a room and adds a natural element. Exposed brick with feature fireplaces are also a strong trend, providing a heart of a living room space. The colour palettes are inspired by nature, with greens and beiges, creating a calmly energising space.

Mid-century Coastal

Coastal American interiors bring something completely new to the table. Reminiscent of mid-century modern, you can find lots of wooden furniture, curved sofas and fabrics of chic mustard and brown leather. Décor includes lots of plants and textiles including gorgeous rugs. Architecturally, these spaces are also open, making the most of natural light and inviting the outside in!

If you love family time and practicality, you can learn a lot from American interior styles. Choose natural materials for hard-wearing furniture, prioritise open-plan architecture in all reception rooms and layer those textiles for a strong finishing look!

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