Interior Design Trends Set to be Big in 2023

New year, new look. These are sentiments of many homeowners and, more so, interior designers! An interior designer must think ahead of the curve in order to provide next level service in a home, and these are the interior design trends set to be big in 2023.

Bright Colour

Grey and dull interiors have been left behind in 2022. A key trend we are seeing is the desire for one’s home to be unique and so a home’s style has to break the rules or make up its own! Bold and bright colours that align with colour theory for happiness and energy is in. Think millennial pink, bold mustard and blues and greens.

The Return of Wood

Many features of the 70’s interiors are returning to interior design, but perhaps most notably, wood is back! People are ditching high gloss or faux finishes in favour of barely treated wood. It’s warm, it’s neutral and it makes a space feel more grounded. Whether it’s reclaimed wood units or tables, or some naked panelling on a wall, wood is back in a big way.

Comfort as Core

Homes are for relaxing, and comfort is key in your sanctuary. Texture has always been important in good interior design, but especially this year. Blankets, throw pillows and soft, comforting textures in rugs and fabrics are simple but effective ways to make a space feel calming and cosy.


As mentioned earlier, gone are the days of whites and greys. Clients are looking for colourful walls, borders, and details. Think painted doors, bright kitchen cupboards and bold dado rails. This is a quick and easy way to make a space feel thought through – and a great way to introduce character and unique stylistic choices into a home.

We are excited to see how these interior design trends come into play in 2023, and the effect on the homes we serve. As with all trends, it is important for us to recognise that these details come and go, and the goal of any interior designer is to create timeless designs that make a house a home for years to come. For bespoke luxury and interior architecture design, be sure to visit our website or give us a call on 020 3627 0178.

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