What Are the Fundamentals of Moroccan Interior Design and How can we Benefit from Them?

There are few countries with such a distinct interior design as Morocco. To know at a glance the origin of a style is every designer’s dream and Morocco has a long history of inspiring the masses. In this blog we will examine the fundamental elements that create a Moroccan interior and discuss what we can learn from the style.

Coloured Tiles

Colour is a quintessential factor of Moroccan style with a rich history of favouring the bold and the rich. Moroccan interiors make a statement with colour that is deliciously maximalist. Tiles are a significant part of a Moroccan interior, not just used as flooring but on walls and columns too. The effect is quite energetic and fun.

Opulent Architecture

We all know Moroccan style makes a feature of everything with opulence at the heart of all architecture. Think arched doors and windows, columns and pillars, exposed beams, and decorative walls.

Rich Textures and Lighting

Moroccan interior design uses many rich and jewel toned textiles and uses lots of leather and velvet. Lighting is also a key feature, with traditional Moroccan style lamps including the signature shapes and frosted colourful glass to shed beautiful colours and ambience in a room.

Hand Carved Furniture

Another strong fundamental of Moroccan interior design is the hand-carved, decorative wooden furniture. Low tables and units are often hand-carved with swirls and floral patterns that catch the eye or are carved with intricate designs.

Moroccan interior design favours the brave and the bold and really teaches us to think outside the box when it comes to approaching architecture and the very basics of a room.

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